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  • Government failing to address digital issues for citizens

    Non-profit Digital Rights Watch (DRW) said the Morrison government has failed on all digital issues from protecting privacy to supporting encryption, copyright reform, and ethical government data use.

    Written by CIO Staff02 May 19 12:10
  • Labor promises tax breaks for startup investors

    The Federal Opposition has proposed new policies encouraging more investment in startups, and to spread innovation support across Australia and overseas.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner04 Dec. 15 15:48
  • Website blocking 'lazy and dangerous': Greens

    Greens senator, Scott Ludlam, has branded the government’s controversial website blocking bill a "lazy and dangerous" piece of legislation that wouldn’t been happening if the Labor government “hadn’t gone completely missing".

    Written by Byron Connolly22 June 15 14:50