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  • Qualcomm, Intel and Brocade join group pushing 2.5G, 5G Ethernet

    The NBASE-T Alliance -- a recently formed umbrella group of networking industry players dedicated to keeping standard Ethernet cabling relevant -- announced a dozen new members on Monday, including big names such as Intel, Qualcomm and Brocade.

    Written by Jon Gold16 Dec. 14 23:20
  • Global Forum: Innovation creates opportunity, causes disruption

    Geneva, Switzerland - The 23rd Global Forum, an annual policy and strategy conference for technology leaders, was held last week in the shadow of the International Telecommunications Union's (ITU) modernist tower.

    Written by Jay Gillette25 Nov. 14 04:42
  • Cisco ready to ship ACI controller

    Cisco this week announced it will soon ship its Application Centric Infrastructure controller and rolled out other extensions across its data center portfolio.

    Written by Jim Duffy29 July 14 23:03
  • Cisco, VMware take SDN battle to policy arena

    The focus in SDNs and programmable networking is shifting to application policy, an area where vendors can instill their unique architectures and maintain customer dependency.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 April 14 04:56
  • 11 tips to prepare for SDN

    Making the leap to SDN? Don't jump in blind. It helps to know what software-defined networking is, first off, and then what it can do for you.

    Written by Jim Duffy13 March 14 17:46
  • NEC scales OpenFlow SDNs

    NEC this week rolled out a new version of its SDN software that includes an OpenFlow-based method for interconnecting data centers.

    Written by Jim Duffy04 March 14 18:39
  • OpenDaylight's delayed SDN now available

    OpenDaylight, the vendor-heavy consortium developing an open source SDN framework, has announced that its first software release is available for download.

    Written by Jim Duffy04 Feb. 14 18:40
  • 10 things we learned -- or didn't -- from Cisco's Insieme launch

    Cisco's introduction of the Insieme Networks product line and strategy was the most anticipated networking announcement in almost two years. It represents Cisco's response to the software-defined networking trend pervading the industry, and threatening Cisco's dominance and profits. While not a watershed moment – Insieme didn't change Cisco's modus operandii, as explained below -- Insieme is nonetheless one of the most important events and product introductions in Cisco's history. Here are 10 things we learned or have yet to learn from the Insieme launch:

    Written by Jim Duffy22 Nov. 13 20:44