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  • Laptop not charging

    Reader Bballgurl84life's laptop battery isn't charging.

    Written by Lincoln Spector08 Feb. 11 06:28
  • Laptop tips: Add RAM, recycle a hard drive

    It's been almost a year since I served up some nice, hot laptop tips--and that's inexcusable. I'll make it up to you this week with some useful advice on adding memory to a laptop, turning an old laptop hard disc into an external drive, and using your laptop's power settings effectively.

    Written by Rick Broida21 July 10 23:56
  • Caring for your laptop

    You're more likely to damage a laptop than a desktop PC (no one has ever driven off, forgetting the desktop on top of their car), and once damaged, laptops are harder and more expensive to repair.

    Written by Lincoln Spector27 July 10 15:52
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  • BYOD is as entrenched (and complicated) as ever

    The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend has been around for years now, and even though it's become a fixture at many companies, some IT shops are still grappling with how to make it work.

    Written by Matt Hamblen16 Oct. 15 20:24
  • Power to the portable: 3 high-performance mobile workstations

    When you're running a large-scale simulation or editing a professional video, you need more computing power than most laptops can give. In this roundup, we review three high-powered Windows mobile workstations.

    Written by Brian Nadel28 Jan. 14 11:35
  • Digital nomad survival tips you can use anywhere

    Mike Elgan traveled over three continents in the past 18 months and has these tips for staying connected, keeping powered up and protecting your valuable gadgets from theft.

    Written by Mike Elgan12 Oct. 13 11:05
  • Forget the high margins, Apple - cut iPad Mini prices

    Apple sold 14 per cent fewer iPads in the quarter that ended June 30 than in the same quarter last year, while the revenue from those sales plummeted by 27 per cent. The solution? Cut prices, say analysts.

    Written by Gregg Keizer24 July 13 23:53

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  • Optimised learning in corporate classrooms

    Students attending Dell™ Global Learning & Development (GL&D) technical support classes needed fresh system images, but manual delivery took hours between classes and over weekends. Dell deployed its own cloud client computing solution to enable one IT support person to re-image and reboot the thin clients and laptops in its GL&D classrooms with just a few mouse clicks.