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  • How Tech Can Help Cities Reduce Crime

    Camden, N.J. ranks among the United States' most dangerous cities -- and in 2011, its police force was cut in half. However, a state-of-the-art 'tactical information' center, combined with gunshot-spotting cameras, in-cruiser GPS technology and analytics are helping the embattled city cut crime.

    Written by Jen A. Miller09 April 14 22:44
  • Location-based Wi-Fi services can add immediate value to Wi-Fi deployments

    Think of Wi-Fi location as indoor GPS. Wi-Fi-based positioning systems are used where GPS is inadequate due (typically) to signal blockage. Though the Wi-Fi protocol fundamentals haven't changed much in the past few years as it concerns location technology, the ecology of Wi-Fi location services have completely flipped.

    Written by Marcus Burton, Technical marketing manager, Ruckus Wireless10 Oct. 13 19:09
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  • How Mobile Apps Developers Can Best Target Geolocation

    Geoloqi, a scrappy software development startup in Portland, Oregon, claims to be re-inventing the way companies build location-aware applications. Here's the story behind the company and geolocation technology.

    Written by Matthew Heusser20 Nov. 12 13:48