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  • Sharp's new HDTVs are 70-inches big

    Sharp is thinking big with its newest round of HDTVs, led by a whopping 70-inch LED back-lit HDTV.

    Written by Patrick Miller06 Jan. 11 10:37
  • 3D TVs at top of 'Hype Cycle'

    The economy isn't the only thing that goes through cycles. Hype, believe it or not, is cyclical, too, according to the analysts at Gartner, who today released their 2010 Hype Cycle report. Technologies closing in on the "Peak of Inflated Expectations" are the 4G wireless standard and 3D flat panel TVs.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.09 Oct. 10 09:10
Features about lcd hdtv
  • HDTVs at CES: Small steps in the big picture

    Whether they were big or small, LED or plasma, all the HDTVs on the CES 2011 show floor had one thing in common--they took the best that came out of last year, and added several slight, but significant, improvements.

    Written by Patrick Miller11 Jan. 11 06:28