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News about leadership development
  • CIOs Who Serve on Boards Sharpen Their Business Skills

    Relatively few CIOs sit on external corporate boards. But those who do come back to their day jobs with personal and professional insights that boost their careers -- and give their home companies a competitive edge.

    Written by Kim S. Nash29 April 14 22:55
  • CIOs Say Mentoring Works, Classes Don't

    A survey of 200 CIOs finds that most well-meaning efforts at IT leadership development aren't very successful.

    Written by Brendan Mcgowan30 Aug. 13 15:13
  • Making enterprise architecture matter

    The right candidate needs to have some expertise in every layer of the technology stack, a keen understanding of the business, the ability to manage a matrixed (and peevish) group of siloed technologists, and the je ne sais quoi to sell concepts like service-oriented architecture to uninterested business executives.

    Written by Martha Heller29 April 11 07:15
Features about leadership development
  • 11 Profiles in Bad Leadership Behavior

    Recognizing where you fall short in your management style and then developing a plan to strengthen those areas can mean the difference between being a boss and being a leader. It can also make a difference in how far you advance in your IT management career.

    Written by Rich Hein30 April 13 12:38