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  • Oracle lays out Lego-like future of Java

    Developers have plenty to look forward to in Java, given efforts afoot to add modularization and improvements data access and performance.

    Written by Paul Krill14 March 15 00:58
  • Online, gamified learning is where it’s at in education

    To really be a leader in the education-technology space, it takes more than just hooking up some students with Internet access and publishing content online. For the founder of MCI Institute, Denise Meyerson, it’s about using technology to shake up conventional teaching methods and improve student outcomes.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett20 Oct. 14 09:00
  • Christmas in summer: Rounding up Gadgety Goodness in NYC

    The temperatures were hovering near 80, but there definitely was a "Christmas in June" vibe at last night's Digital Experience in New York, sponsored by Pepcom. More than 50 companies were showing off their latest digital products to the press, hoping to get some additional eyeballs and coverage as we start preparing the end-of-year gift guides and other such features. The event was also a prelude to next week's CE Week in New York, in which we'll see even more gadgets and gizmos.

    Written by Keith Shaw21 June 14 03:46
  • Lego combines physical and virtual world to avoid kids' 'zombie gaze'

    Lego, the Danish maker of the namesake toy bricks known to kids all over the world, has figured out what appears to be an ingenious way to combine the physical world of their traditional building blocks with the virtual world of app games.

    Written by Loek Essers20 June 14 00:34
  • Sony and Lego collaborating on toy research

    Sony and Lego are working together on creating a new generation of products that bridge the gap between toys and video games.

    Written by Jay Alabaster24 May 13 11:12
  • Augmented reality: What do businesses need to know?

    The technology has been around for quite some time, but like so many other fringe smartphone features, augmented reality has yet to present itself as a must-have for consumers.

    Written by Colin Neagle13 March 13 14:18
  • Lego creating multiplayer online game

    Toy construction set company Lego Group plans to launch an MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) in the second half of this year, to be called Lego Universe, said Mark Hansen, director of business development and LEGO lead for the project.

    Written by Joab Jackson18 Feb. 10 11:31
  • Lego robot solves your Sudoku puzzles

    Ever struggled to complete an overly tricky Sudoku puzzle? Fear not as a geeky, fun solution is here. Say hello to the Sudoku Solver!

    Written by Chris Brandrick26 Aug. 09 07:16