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News about linux kernel
  • 'Lance Armstrong' bug hunt continues in stable Linux kernel

    The discovery of a somewhat alarming bug in the Linux ext4 filesystem provoked a minor wave of panic this week, but project maintainer Theodore Ts'o says it has since become clear that the problem can likely only affect a small number of users.

    Written by Jon Gold25 Oct. 12 15:42
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.38 arrives with desktop 'wonder patch'

    Version 2.6.38 of the Linux kernel was released by Linus Torvalds overnight, including the much-hyped performance improvement patch amid many feature enhancements and bug fixes.

    Written by Rodney Gedda16 March 11 13:10
  • Linux kernel 2.6.36 adds AppArmor, ups performance

    Linux kernel 2.6.36 has been released by Linus Torvalds and includes a number of performance and security enhancements, including integration of the AppArmor access control system.

    Written by Rodney Gedda22 Oct. 10 10:25
  • Linux kernel 2.6.34 released, new file systems added

    A new version of the Linux kernel, 2.6.34, has been released by Linus Torvalds featuring two new file systems and a number of updates to virtualisation and device driver code.

    Written by Rodney Gedda18 May 10 13:38
  • Linux 2.6.33 released: nVidia driver in, Android out

    The first Linux kernel release of 2010 has arrived with version 2.6.33 and it is big on graphics with a new open source nVidia driver and support for the Nintendo Wii and GameCube gaming consoles, in addition to usual high-end features.

    Written by Rodney Gedda25 Feb. 10 10:48
Features about linux kernel
  • Linux kernel 2.6.32: virtualization, power management and more drivers

    Less than a week after Linux kernel 2.6.31 was released, the kernel developers are beginning to submit changes and improvements across virtualization, power management, file systems and device driver code for the upcoming 2.6.32 version.

    Written by Rodney Gedda16 Sept. 09 12:43