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  • Logitech expands video/audio gear for meeting rooms

    Logitech today expanded its offerings in the videoconferencing/collaboration space with the launch of its <strong>ConferenceCam Connect</strong> device ($499.99). Combining an HD 1080p video camera with dual microphones and a speakerphone for 360-degree audio, the ConferenceCam Connect is aimed at small workgroup collaboration settings (up to six people). The device sits between the entry-level BCC950 unit ($249.99) and the upper-end ConferenceCam CC3000e ($999.99).

    Written by Keith Shaw26 Jan. 15 20:04
  • To get video into more conference rooms, Logitech goes medium

    Logitech is turning to what it knows best with its latest in-office videoconferencing system: Rather than a standalone hardware and software platform, the ConferenceCam CC3000e is essentially a peripheral.

    Written by Stephen Lawson27 Jan. 14 09:01
  • Welcome to the digital enlightenment

    There was a great deal of debate last month after an engineer published a website showing the comparative speeds of the federal government’s NBN and the Coalition’s plan for broadband.

    Written by Daniel Wood12 July 13 13:51
  • Programming in Lua

    I haven't talked about programming languages for a while so here goes: We start this week with the free, <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/subnets/opensource/">open source</a> (<a href="http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.html">MIT License</a>) <a href="http://www.lua.org/">Lua</a> language.

    Written by Mark Gibbs10 Nov. 11 04:38
  • Logitech looks to iPhone 5 for video meetings

    The Apple iPhone 5, expected to be announced on Tuesday, should be able to use Logitech's ClearSea videoconferencing software to tie mobile users into meetings alongside high-end telepresence systems and other platforms, according to Logitech.

    Written by Stephen Lawson05 Oct. 11 06:04
  • Hands-on: 5 wireless keyboards for the iPad

    Even if you're comfortable with the iPad 2's on-screen keyboard and can happily tap out a status update or quick email, you might not want to use it for tasks like writing a lengthy report. One option is to ditch the tablet for a full-fledged laptop -- but it might be just as easy to add a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad.

    Written by Sharon Machlis22 Sept. 11 00:46
  • Logitech looks to cloud and mobile video meetings

    Logitech's LifeSize division is embracing the cloud in a bid to extend videoconferencing's reach, announcing new services and the acquisition of a small mobile video company called Mirial.

    Written by Stephen Lawson20 July 11 16:03
  • Logitech's LifeSize aims for Android video soon

    Logitech's LifeSize division expects to bring one-way video streaming to Android devices in a few months and introduce a two-way videoconferencing system to tablets and smartphones later this year.

    Written by Stephen Lawson01 June 11 10:09
  • The grill: Andy Pratt

    Andy Pratt, director of technology at The Lowell Whiteman School, has to support some unusual schedules. Many of the students at this college-prep boarding and day school in Steamboat Springs, Colo., are competitive skiers and snowboarders who travel the world for training and competitions. Teachers and students had relied on paper-based assignments and occasional phone calls and, later, a patched-together recording system. But this year, Pratt implemented a videoconferencing system to create a much richer academic experience for students while they're away.

    Written by Mary K. Pratt24 May 11 04:04
  • Logitech to stream video to iPads, iPhones

    In a move that underscores the importance of both mobile devices and video in staying connected within enterprises, Logitech is extending its LifeSize video streaming system to iPads, iPhones and iPods.

    Written by Stephen Lawson16 Feb. 11 11:50
  • The top 100 best tech products of 2010

    One of the best parts of our job is looking at hundreds of products every year. Many perform well, some are silly, and a select group rises above the pack. Here are the hardware, software, services, sites, and apps that we decided - after much discussion - stood out this year.

    Written by PC World Staff28 Oct. 10 10:34