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  • Macquarie Telecom launches SD-WAN service to tap booming market

    ​Macquarie Telecom has launched a SD-WAN service – which it claims is the only in Australia to be able to leverage multiple carriers – as it seeks to tap into a booming market expected to grow to US$1 billion by the end of the year.

    Written by George Nott08 Aug. 17 05:30
  • Macquarie cuts 1H forecast

    Capital market conditions have prompted Macquarie Group (ASX:MQG) to shave its earnings expectations for 1H12, and - in the case of some divisions - for the full year

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling07 Sept. 11 18:35
  • Macquarie Group chairman resigns

    David Clarke, chairman of Macquarie Group (ASX:MQG) and Macquarie Bank (ASX:MBL) on Thursday resigned suddenly after 40 years at the group

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling17 March 11 15:51