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  • Do you need an MBA?

    Four IT executives discuss why they pursued a master of business administration qualification, and can MBA stand for ‘marriage breakup assured?

    Written by Byron Connolly25 Nov. 14 16:49
  • Going Google

    It is 8pm midweek and three senior executives at Altium are working on a document they need first thing the next day — a presentation to staff about behavioural change. The program manager is editing text; the company president is asking questions about the program; and CIO, Alan Perkins, is answering his president’s questions.

    Written by Darren Horrigan03 Sept. 10 08:41
  • Macquarie University creates CIO role

    Macquarie University is to create a CIO role to oversee the creation and execution of an information strategy at the education institution.

    Written by Tim Lohman30 June 09 14:45