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  • Google tests $2 custom Gmail addresses

    Say goodbye to that long, hard-to-remember and unprofessional Gmail address; Google is testing a $2-a-month service that lets you ditch your @Gmail addresses for custom addresses. However, custom Gmail addresses are nothing new for Google Apps for Work customers, and for just $3 a month more more (or $2.16 on annual plans) you get many more advanced features in addition to the custom addresses. In other words, Google Apps for Work plans make more sense than the new paid "Gmail for work" service for most businesses.

    Written by Matt Kapko23 July 15 01:44
  • IBM joins race to upgrade webmail interface with Verse

    Google has tried it with Inbox, Microsoft handed Outlook Web App users Delve and now, with Verse, IBM is giving webmail a fresh look as it teaches its venerable Domino mail server new tricks.

    Written by Peter Sayer03 April 15 01:22
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  • Gmail Tips: Five great e-mail timesavers

    If you're one of Gmail's 193 million users worldwide, you probably rely on the service -- and its add-ons -- every day. Popular among users for its customization features, Google constantly adds to its arsenal of Labs and brings new features mainstream to simplify processes and save users time.

    Written by Kristin Burnham25 Jan. 11 07:36
  • Facebook social inbox: What you need to know about messages

    Back in November 2010, Facebook announced plans for a "social inbox" -- a space that would serve as a hub for all communications that people use online or via mobile phones, ranging from text messages and chat messages to e-mail messages, too.

    Written by Kristin Burnham12 Jan. 11 10:25