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  • Microsoft fills out Hyper-V cloud ecosystem

    Microsoft has partnered with six major hardware vendors to provide reference architectures that should help enterprises build private IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)-styled clouds, the company announced Monday.

    Written by Joab Jackson09 Nov. 10 04:03
  • Google sues agency over Microsoft-only cloud deal

    Google and a reseller of its products have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of the Interior after the agency solicited bids for cloud-based e-mail and messaging services specifying that bidders must use Microsoft products.

    Written by Grant Gross02 Nov. 10 08:54
  • ThinkSmart launches PC rental service in UK

    Australian computer equipment financing company ThinkSmart (ASX:TSM) and its UK partner, electrical retailer Dixons, have jointly launched a computer rental and services solution for consumers.

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling22 Oct. 10 18:10
  • Microsoft signs cloud deals with California, New York City

    Continuing the progress that Microsoft is making in the state and local government sector, the company has signed cloud computing deals with the city of New York and the state of California.

    Written by Joab Jackson21 Oct. 10 06:32
  • Credit Suisse saves power with virtualization

    Banking giant Credit Suisse has found a way to stem its seemingly ever-growing need for electricity, through the use of virtualization.

    Written by Joab Jackson09 Oct. 10 06:20
  • IBM adds Notes capabilities to LotusLive

    IBM has upgraded its hosted collaboration suite, LotusLive, with additional capabilities, including a revamped e-mail and calendaring service called LotusLive Notes, and a new set of collaboration tools, called Communities.

    Written by Joab Jackson and Juan Carlos Perez06 Oct. 10 09:45
  • How Hitler's downfall mocks your ideals

    A short clip from a 2004 movie about Adolf Hitler has ended up speaking for a generation of discontented Internet surfers, as well as pushed the boundaries of copyright law, noted a Massachusetts Institute of Technology social networking researcher who discussed the reasons behind the clip's wide appeal at the Open Video Conference in New York last Friday.

    Written by Joab Jackson06 Oct. 10 06:43
  • IBM explores water management market

    Divining a possible new market in municipal water management systems, IBM has set up a pilot project in Dubuque, Iowa, to investigate whether cities could both save money and conserve water by monitoring citizens' usage more closely.

    Written by Joab Jackson05 Oct. 10 03:08
  • ADP runs new tax service on IBM cloud software

    Business process provider ADP has found that cloud computing can be a handy way of servicing a new market that would otherwise be too cost prohibitive to enter.

    Written by Joab Jackson30 Sept. 10 02:49
  • Google adds OAuth support to Google Apps

    Joining a growing number of enterprise and consumer-facing Web services, Google has added support in Google Apps for the OAuth authorization profile, the company announced Monday.

    Written by Joab Jackson28 Sept. 10 05:04
  • OAuth 2.0 security used by Facebook, others called weak

    The emerging OAuth 2.0 Web API authorization protocol, already deployed by Facebook, Salesforce.com and others, is coming under increased criticism for being too easy to use, and therefore to spoof by malicious hackers.

    Written by Joab Jackson23 Sept. 10 06:04
  • SAP moves an OnDemand service to Amazon

    SAP has migrated its online service for reporting carbon emissions over to an Amazon cloud platform, the company announced Monday.

    Written by Joab Jackson22 Sept. 10 03:59
  • Muglia offers details on Microsoft Azure Appliance

    On Monday, during the kickoff of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference being held this week in Washington D.C., Microsoft <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/071210-microsoft-releases-azure-cloud-platform.html">announced</a> that it would be releasing a version of its Windows Azure cloud computing platform that can be run as part of an appliance offering.

    Written by Joab Jackson13 July 10 04:43
  • CSG (ASX:CSG) wins five SA govt contracts

    Five South Australian government departments have tapped CSG (ASX:CSG) to provide server management and support services

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling09 July 10 18:14
  • Red Hat launches hybrid cloud platform

    Red Hat has launched a comprehensive package, called Red Hat Cloud Foundations, that will allow organizations to run applications in both public clouds and their own private clouds.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 June 10 04:14