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  • How to avoid future shock

    What's wrong with how most companies create a business strategy?

    Written by Kim S. Nash16 Dec. 11 12:00
  • Advice and opinion: Big data can yield extra profit

    The whole world is streaming real-time data. It used to just be stock markets that gushed high volumes of real-time data, but now your car, your smartphone and everything in your company-including your website and your CRM system-is spewing data like a firehose. What are we supposed to do with it?

    Written by Michael Hugos01 Dec. 11 05:05
  • Rules of Engagement

    Shell's Ecosystem Guiding Principles mandate how its 11 core vendors should treat Shell and each other. To mitigate competition between suppliers-on Shell territory, at least-CIO Alan Matula has banned most salesmen from his offices and demands Shell and vendor staff respect the culture and heritage of each other's companies.

    Written by Kim S. Nash01 Dec. 11 04:45
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