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  • Outsourcing: IT Customers disappointed with results

    Forget all the discussion about IT outsourcing providers moving up the technology value chain to become partners in innovation; their customers' biggest needs remain much more straightforward, according to the results of the IDG Enterprise Outsourcing & Service Providers Survey. (CIO.com is an IDG company.)

    Written by Stephanie Overby20 April 11 06:39
  • Gen Y vs. Gen X: Who causes more IT headaches?

    You've heard the Gen Y stereotypes before: They're lazy workers, exude entitlement and have been reared on social technologies that they bring into the workplace, whether IT departments like it or not.

    Written by Kristin Burnham06 April 11 05:30
  • Survey: More to IT than building and running systems

    Emerging IT roles for application developers, IT-business hybrids, cloud vendor managers and data masters signal a profound shift in the IT unit's value proposition. (For more about emerging roles in IT, see " Four Kinds of IT Professionals CIOs Need to Hire Now.")

    Written by Jeanne Ross and Cynthia Beath25 Feb. 11 06:10
  • Windows 7 wanted at work: Consumer IT strikes again

    If you are happy with Windows 7 on your personal laptop, but grumble every time Windows XP boots up on your work computer, it may be time to tap your company's IT pro on the shoulder and ask for Windows 7. You might be surprised at the response you get.

    Written by Shane O'Neill05 Nov. 10 04:39