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  • Infosys Is Having Its Midlife Crisis

    Indian outsourcer Infosys -- in the midst of a major transformation -- struggles to supplement its commodity programming services with high-value business offerings

    Written by John Ribeiro30 July 13 19:05
  • New Onshore IT Outsourcing Centers Outnumber New Offshore Locations

    IT outsourcing providers that set up new delivery centers in the first quarter of this year were more likely to do so at an onshore location than in offshore ones, according to a recent report. However, both location options continue to grow in terms of headcount and scope of processes.

    Written by Stephanie Overby26 July 13 12:59
  • Why I outsourced application development to China

    Imagine that your company has never done any offshore outsourcing of IT-never even signed a major domestic outsourcing deal. Where in the world would you begin? Probably not China.

    Written by Stephanie Overby03 Dec. 10 02:46
  • Management in India: Three things you need to know

    Always listen carefully for what is not said. Compared to most Americans, Indian executives tend to be indirect communicators. This means they may hesitate to push back if you ask something of them or their team that is unreasonable or impossible. They may also be reticent about sharing bad news with you. In either case, you could be left exposed. Active listening and probing questions can make you more effective.

    Written by Gunjan Bagla04 Nov. 10 03:17
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