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  • How to Build a Storage and Backup Strategy for Your Small Business

    Today's businesses generate more data than ever before. Luckily, storage technology is correspondingly cheaper and more plentiful than ever before. This means your small business has work to do if you want to build an effective storage and backup strategy.

    Written by Paul Mah11 March 14 15:05
  • How to Run Your Business Without Microsoft Small Business Server

    Microsoft left many companies' IT strategies in tatters last year when it announced it was abandoning Small Business Server. To replace it, firms can either follow Microsoft's advice or look at alternatives such as Google Apps and Linux-based servers.

    Written by Paul Rubens23 Jan. 14 14:17
  • 6 Steps for Setting Up a Small Business Server Room

    Are you worried about relying on a third-party online service provider to store your business data in light of NSA spying revelations? Learn how to set up your own server room for an on-premises deployment instead.

    Written by Paul Mah10 Sept. 13 18:05
  • How to Deploy IP Cameras in Your Small Business

    Deterring would-be criminals and resolving disputes rank among the benefits derived from setting up IP cameras to keep an eye on your business. Here are some guidelines and recommendations on what to look for in a network camera solution.

    Written by Paul Mah19 Aug. 13 13:32
  • 6 CSS Tools to Help You Build a Better Website

    Version 3 of Cascading Style Sheets give website designers more control over page layout and page elements. If you plan to build (or rebuild) your small business website using CSS, these six applications are worth a look.

    Written by Nathan Segal21 March 13 13:28
Tutorials about Management Topics | Small Business
  • How to Prepare Your Small Business for Tech Success

    Take some time in the early days of 2014 to improve the computer setup in your home office or small business. These security, networking, storage and productivity tips will help you work faster once you get back to business as usual.

    Written by Paul Mah14 Jan. 14 13:49
  • How to Overcome Small Business Data Recovery Challenges

    Data recovery has mattered ever since businesses started relying on PCs in the workplace. Today's common storage options for small businesses all present some disaster recovery challenges. Here's what your organization should do to address them.

    Written by Paul Mah19 Sept. 13 12:45