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  • Would you hire a liar?

    ​Nobody likes a liar. Except if you are hiring for sales-orientated jobs, a pilot study by researchers at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business has indicated.

    Written by George Nott17 June 19 15:51
  • Psychopaths work well under abusive bosses: study

    Psychopaths get a bum rap. For most of us the term brings to mind the axe-wielding, Huey Lewis and the News fan Patrick Bateman of American Psycho, but in psychological terms, we all sit on the spectrum of this personality trait.

    Written by George Nott24 Jan. 18 16:25
  • CIO gives Sydney Water a new flow

    At the Sydney Easter Show last month, CIO George Hunt was at Sydney Water's booth, handing out merchandise and talking to visitors.

    Written by George Nott28 May 17 06:00
  • Clive Rossiter's stupid rule revolution

    Little did he know, the head of the Single Business Service ICT programme at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science was about to start a cultural revolution that within six months would see the department’s executive board putting hands on hearts and pledging allegiance.

    Written by George Nott28 Oct. 16 16:30
  • Intel's top PC, IoT executives leave in management shakeup

    The writing was on the wall for some Intel executives after a former Qualcomm executive was hired in November to oversee the company's PC, Internet of Things and software businesses, and two of them have now departed.

    Written by Agam Shah05 April 16 05:15
  • Donald Trump vs. Steve Jobs: The tale of two con artists

    Donald Trump and Steve Jobs understand that reality doesn’t matter. It’s what people believe that matters. However, columnist Rob Enderle writes it’s not just about convincing folks you will be successful in a turnaround, it’s about doing whatever is needed to assure success. Only one of these guys got that right.

    Written by Rob Enderle05 March 16 01:30
  • The tech revolution could change (or erase) your job by 2020

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is under way and while it could lead to the loss of more than 7 million jobs over the next few years, it will add jobs in areas like computer science, math and engineering.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin26 Jan. 16 07:42
  • Yo, CIOs: Don't think your role is mostly operational

    CIOs who cling to an operational role could find themselves marginalized in the coming years, according to IDC, but those who focus on innovation could attain new heights.

    Written by Katherine Noyes12 Jan. 16 00:38