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News about mandatory data retention
  • Mixed responses from industry on data retention bill

    The government's new data retention bill has drawn mixed responses from industry with iiNet and Electronic Frontiers Australia opposing the legislation while Telstra is voicing its support.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett30 Oct. 14 16:16
  • Data retention is necessary red tape: Turnbull

    Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he's aware of the costs a mandatory detention scheme will place on the telecom industry.

    Written by Adam Bender31 Oct. 14 10:28
  • Government introduces data retention bill to Parliament

    The Australian government today introduced a bill for mandatory data retention that will require telcos and ISPs to retain records of people's telephone and internet communications for two years.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett30 Oct. 14 11:20
  • Protesters rise up against mandatory data retention

    Civil libertarians, Internet and telecommunication industry groups, consumer groups, privacy advocates and everyday citizens gathered at Parliament house in Canberra today to protest against the government’s push for a mandatory data retention scheme.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett29 Oct. 14 19:30
  • EFA hits out at government's data retention plans

    Civil liberties group Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has voiced fears that the government is playing up concerns about terrorism to justify increases to its surveillance powers through a mandatory date retention scheme.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett05 Aug. 14 15:59