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  • FireEye buying nPulse for $70M to gain security analytics 'flight recorder'

    Threat protection company FireEye Tuesday announced it's acquiring nPulse Technologies, a privately-held maker of high-speed packet-capture, network analysis and forensics gear, for $70 million in a cash-stock deal expected to close during the second quarter.

    Written by Ellen Messmer07 May 14 06:36
  • Chinese government still sponsoring cyber-espionage, says FireEye COO

    A year ago, Mandiant, since acquired by FireEye, issued a long report called "APT1" that accused China's People's Liberation Army of launching cyber-espionage attacks against 141 companies in 20 industries through a group known as "PLA Unit 61398" operating mainly from Shanghai.

    Written by Ellen Messmer28 Feb. 14 19:28
  • A look at FireEye's Mandiant buy: Game changer or not?

    FireEye's acquisition of Mandiant is getting generally positive reviews from industry analysts, though some caution that FireEye faces a big challenge in its goals related to blending the two security firms' products.

    Written by Ellen Messmer06 Jan. 14 21:22
  • Chinese hacker group behind New York Times attack returns with updated tools

    The Chinese hacker group that broke into the computer network of The New York Times and other high-profile organizations, including defense contractors, has launched new attacks following a few months of inactivity, according to researchers from security vendor FireEye.

    Written by Lucian Constantin12 Aug. 13 15:07
  • Senators want sanctions against countries supporting cyberattacks

    Two U.S. senators will push Congress or President Barack Obama's administration to pursue trade and immigration sanctions against China and other countries that allegedly support cyberattacks on U.S. government agencies and businesses, the lawmakers said Wednesday.

    Written by Grant Gross08 May 13 17:49
  • Security tools can't keep hackers at bay

    Credit card data of customers of Schnucks supermarkets was exposed for months in a breach that was not closed until weeks after a card processing company issued an alert about fraudulent activity. Insider (registration required)

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan06 May 13 12:41
  • Experts: Iran and North Korea are looming cyberthreats to U.S.

    Cyberattacks supposedly originating from China have raised alarms in recent weeks, but U.S. businesses and government agencies should worry as much about Iran and North Korea, a group of cybersecurity experts said.

    Written by Grant Gross20 March 13 21:29
  • China calls for cooperation rather than war in cyberspace

    China's foreign minster on Saturday called on nations to cooperate on Internet security, rather than wage cyberwarfare, as he denied accusations in a recent report that the country's military was behind hacking attacks.

    Written by Michael Kan11 March 13 05:35
  • Is it now crazy to offshore IT to China?

    China has been developing an IT outsourcing industry aimed at bringing in business from the U.S. and Europe. It has succeeded, but then again it hasn't thrived and now may face more barriers.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau22 Feb. 13 11:08