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  • Marc Bailey steps down as Intersect CEO

    Former Macquarie University CIO and current Intersect Australia CEO, Marc Bailey, is leaving his post at the research accelerator in 2020.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 Nov. 19 15:53
  • CIO50 - Meet the Judges

    With the second annual CIO50 in full swing and nominations open until August 17, it’s time to meet our esteemed judges. CIO Australia has assembled a stellar cast of industry leaders to weigh in on this year’s stories of business transformation, innovation and leadership.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 July 17 12:17
  • Former Intersect boss joins UNSW

    Former Intersect CEO, Dr Ian Gibson, has joined the University of New South Wales as associate dean (industry & innovation) - a role that will see him connect researchers with industry.

    Written by Byron Connolly10 July 15 11:21
  • Intersect founder quits

    Intersect’s founding CEO, Dr Ian Gibson, will step down from Australia’s largest research support agency in late April and is being replaced by former Macquarie University CIO, Marc Bailey.

    Written by Byron Connolly13 April 15 09:56
  • Q&A: Macquarie University CIO, Marc Bailey

    Since arriving at Sydney’s Macquarie University campus in 2009, CIO Marc Bailey has made inroads into reducing ICT costs while improving the technology experience on campus for both staff and students.

    Written by Hamish Barwick13 March 13 10:04
  • Macquarie University goes open source with SugarCRM

    Macquarie University’s CIO Marc Bailey mantra is “cloud first, open source best” so it’s not surprising that he has rolled out open source customer relationship management (CRM) — SugarCRM — as part of a $2 million four year contract.

    Written by Hamish Barwick01 March 13 14:10
  • Macquarie Uni to virtualize computer labs

    Macquarie University has flagged plans to virtualize many of its student computer labs from the second semester of this year, as part of a ploy to better utilise licensed software both on-premise at the university and remotely.

    Written by James Hutchinson17 May 11 12:09
  • Marc bails out Macquarie Uni on business intelligence

    Marc Bailey wants to kill the spreadsheet. At least, that’s what the research fellows at Macquarie University asked for when he first stepped on board as CIO in late 2009.

    Written by James Hutchinson16 May 11 10:51
  • Macquarie University deploys Oracle RAC

    If asked to determine which is of greater importance — the bar opening on time or keeping IT up and running — many university students would likely argue the former, but according to Macquarie University’s CIO, Marc Bailey, there are two occasions a year when the student response is universally IT: Exam results night.

    Written by Tim Lohman27 Oct. 10 11:30