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  • FCC still has ton of explaining to do on Wi-Fi blocking rules

    The FCC has been very clear that it didn't approve of a Marriott International hotel's blocking of convention center attendees' Wi-Fi hotspots: It <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2691674/wifi/marriott-must-pay-600000-for-blocking-personal-wifi-hotspots.html">fined the hospitality company $600,000 last fall</a> and <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2876239/wi-fi/fcc-calls-blocking-of-personal-wi-fi-hotspots-disturbing-trend.html">issued a stern warning on Jan. 27</a> that such wireless network interference by others will not be tolerated either.

    Written by Bob Brown04 Feb. 15 05:05
  • Marriott CIO: FCC message on WiFi blocking loud and clear

    The FCC's sternly worded warning about illegal Wi-Fi blocking earlier this week got through to at least one organization: Marriott International's Global CIO issued a statement Friday that the hospitality outfit is withdrawing efforts to gain clarification from the commission on what methods <em>can</em> be used to protect corporate Wi-Fi networks.

    Written by Bob Brown01 Feb. 15 09:58