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  • NASA gives up frozen Mars Lander for dead

    NASA scientists have given up hope of finding any signs of life from the Phoenix Mars Lander, giving the robotic machine up for dead on the Martian surface.

    Written by Computerworld Staff25 May 10 08:41
  • NASA listens for signs of life from Mars Lander

    Ever hopeful, NASA engineers are trying once again to listen for contact from the robotic Phoenix Mars Lander, which is feared frozen to death on the Red Planet.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin06 April 10 04:58
  • Hello? Hello? NASA's Mars Lander remains silent

    All was silent this week as NASA listened intently for signs of life from its long-frozen robotic Lander, sitting in the cold and dark near the northern pole of Mars.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin23 Jan. 10 08:55