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  • NASA rover threatened by huge Martian dust storm

    An immense dust storm that may soon encircle Mars is threatening one of NASA's rovers on the planet's surface, with the vehicle becoming dormant and unresponsive at a site called Perseverance Valley, U.S. space agency officials said on Wednesday.

    Written by Reuters15 June 18 10:27
  • NASA set to fly chopper to Mars

    NASA said it will send a small helicopter to Mars as part of the U.S. space agency's 2020 mission to place a next-generation rover on the Martian surface, marking the first time such an aircraft will be used on another world.

    Written by Reuters14 May 18 10:46
  • We can get to Mars in 10 years: Aerospace engineer

    “Travel light, live off the land, make your own fuel.” These are the key things astronauts must do after they land on Mars, according to American scientist and author, Dr Robert Zubrin.

    Written by Byron Connolly22 Aug. 17 16:50
  • In Pictures: Mars gets close encounter with a comet

    The Red Planet will entertain an uninvited guest this weekend in the form a comet moving at 200,000 km/h through its space in the universe. NASA, ESA will point the Mars spacecraft at streaking Sliding Spring comet.

    Written by Michael Cooney17 Oct. 14 08:29