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  • Chipmakers giving home networks a gigabit boost

    Chipsets that power equipment capable of smoothly moving 4K video streams inside homes over wireless and wired networks were on display at the Computex trade show.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs04 June 15 02:41
  • Marvell to push wireless LANs to gigabit speeds with new chipset

    Marvell's upcoming 8864 chipset for the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard can achieve gigabit speeds thanks to multiple antennas for reception and transmission, but wireless routers and access points based on the component won't arrive until the middle of next year.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs03 Dec. 12 16:23
  • Tablets using Marvell's Moby design in India soon

    Tablet computers built to Marvell's Moby reference design should launch in India in the first half of this year, an executive of the company said on Thursday.

    Written by John Ribeiro27 Jan. 11 23:54
  • Tri-Core 1.5 GHz processors for smartphones: A Marvell

    A new three-core processor from Marvell, the Armada 628, is a 1.5GHz processor with three CPUs on one chip. Designed for powering smartphones and tablets, this tri-core processor can purportedly deliver dual stream 1080p 3D video to your mobile device.

    Written by Alessondra Springmann24 Sept. 10 08:18