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  • ​Should IT be described as innovation technology?

    The role of IT has changed from providing technology solutions to now driving business outcomes and strategy through the use of technology. This means the way we think of and define IT must now also change.

    Written by Lou Markstrom23 Oct. 15 15:36
  • Improving your digital intelligence

    CIOs are under more pressure than ever to deal with the business disruption created by a new global digital economy. Workers are using many different connected devices to interact and transact across the Web, mobile and social media channels.

    Written by CIO Staff11 Dec. 14 15:39
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  • When social media strategies go wrong

    We’ve all heard the stories: An employee calls in sick, doesn’t go to work and then posts photos on their Facebook page or another social media site while at the cricket. But what happens when a corporate social media campaign fails?

    Written by Byron Connolly20 May 14 14:11