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  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Devices Charged During Holiday Travel

    I'm at my local Starbucks, drinking a seasonal concoction. (A no-whip caramel brûlée.) I'm listening to tinkly piano music on Pandora while I work. And I'm charging my iPhone using one of Starbucks' new Duracell Powermat wireless charging "spots."

    Written by James A. Martin21 Nov. 14 01:27
  • Security, Payments Experts Talk Apple Pay

    You've likely heard that Apple took its first steps into the mobile payments industry this week with the launch of its Apple Pay NFC-based, contactless payment service.

    Written by Al Sacco24 Oct. 14 00:31
  • What Remote Workers Really Do During Conference Calls

    Remote and mobile workers mean companies will have to conduct more conference calls to keep them in the loop. But what, exactly, are remote workers doing during these dial-in meetings? The answers may surprise you, according to results from a new InterCall survey of more than 500 full-time, remote workers.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige26 Aug. 14 06:19
  • Shout.tv Live Events App Ready to Tackle the Super Bowl

    Shout.tv wanted to attract millions of fans of sports and other live events to play sponsored trivia games for cash and prizes. But each game was like a DDoS attack on its data centers. As a solution, the company turned to a distributed database management system called NuoDB.

    Written by Stephanie Overby31 Jan. 14 21:19
  • 6 Social Media Management Tools Ready for the Enterprise

    Social media is playing a growing role in corporate marketing campaigns. These six tools will help you launch, track and analyze campaigns across a variety of social media services -- including some you might not expect.

    Written by John Brandon23 Sept. 13 13:35
  • T-Mobile spurns Google Wallet, in a decidedly 'un-un-carrier' decision

    Mobile payment is kind of like a slightly more realistic version of the flying car – a technology we've been hearing about seemingly forever that never really takes off. OK, so the analogy isn't perfect, given that a few companies are actually using things like Square and McDonald's has those tap pads for NFC payment, but given how long we've been hearing about it, you'd think it would be just a little more common by now.

    Written by Jon Gold23 May 13 18:36
  • Transport for London ticketing chief dubious about mobile NFC

    The head of business development at Transport for London (TfL), whose Oyster card system is one of the most successful contactless ticketing programmes in the world, claims he is “not convinced” about mobile payments using NFC.

    Written by Sophie Curtis15 Feb. 13 12:44