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  • Corruption investigators swoop on Queensland's PAS project

    Queensland eHealth chief executive Dr Richard Ashby has resigned following allegations of an undeclared relationship involving an individual linked to the replacement of the state’s Patient Administration System (PAS).

    Written by George Nott01 Feb. 19 11:34
  • 90% of all industries suffer medical data breaches

    ​A surprising 90 per cent of all industries experience breaches leading to stolen medical records, proving patient data theft is an issue that stems beyond the health sector, a new report said.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner14 Jan. 16 11:54
Features about medical records
  • 10 IT agenda items for the first US CIO

    Obama's appointment of Vivek Kundra marks an important first step for rectifying the nation's concerns about IT.

    Written by Paul Venezia10 March 09 08:38
  • Security Challenges of Electronic Medical Records

    President Obama has made the widespread deployment of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) a priority in his latest stimulus plan. Feisal Nanji, Executive Director at Techumen, gives an overview of the security challenges this ambitious plan poses.

    Written by Feisal Nanji20 Feb. 09 09:42