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  • Microsoft open-sources JavaScript tools

    Continuing its overtures toward open source, Microsoft is unveiling technologies for packaging applications and remotely debugging JavaScript.

    Written by Paul Krill02 May 15 00:06
  • Microsoft open-sources .Net build system

    MSBuild, the build platform for Microsoft's Visual Studio toolset and the .Net Platform, is now open source, marking the software giant's latest embrace of the open source movement.

    Written by Paul Krill20 March 15 01:35
  • Microsoft .Net's execution engine goes open source

    Continuing with plans to open up its software development technologies, Microsoft this week open-sourced CoreCLR, the .Net execution engine in the .Net Core platform.

    Written by Paul Krill05 Feb. 15 01:23
  • Hadoop on Windows Azure: Hive vs. JavaScript for processing big data

    For some time Microsoft didn't offer a solution for processing big data in cloud environments. SQL Server is good for storage, but its ability to analyze terabytes of data is limited. Hadoop, which was designed for this purpose, is written in Java and was not available to .Net developers. So, Microsoft launched the Hadoop on Windows Azure service to make it possible to distribute the load and speed up big data computations.

    Written by Sergey Klimov and Andrei Paleyes, senior R&D engineers at Altoros Systems Inc.06 Dec. 12 21:14