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Microsoft Office 2010 - News, Features, and Slideshows


  • Microsoft prefers cloud over OpenXML

    Microsoft will base support for the final OpenXML standard on customer demand. The market leader at this point prefers to move its clients to cloud computing, said Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft's Business Division. He considers cloud offerings a good extension of the desktop software that Microsoft currently sells.

    Written by Brenno de Winter29 May 10 03:26
  • Three Reasons to Make the Move to Office 2010

    Microsoft held a major launch event this week to unveil Office 2010--the latest release of it's venerable and dominant office productivity suite. As with any major product release, Office 2010 has a variety of new and updated features, but do any of them offer a compelling reason to invest in upgrading to it?

    Written by Tony Bradley15 May 10 04:18
  • Five new Office 2010 features for the enterprise

    Microsoft's upcoming Office 2010 suite, due for release to businesses on May 12, is set to introduce several refinements and new features, many of which have already been seen in either the [[Artnid:303632|Technical Preview|Office 2010 preview leaks to Web]] or the [[Artnid:326859|public beta|Review: Office 2010 beta debuts major features]]. While the new version won't look dramatically different from its Ribbon-laced predecessor, Office 2007, there are a few additions that should catch the attention of both small businesses and the enterprise.

    Written by James Hutchinson16 March 10 10:13
  • Microsoft dumps upgrade pricing for Office 2010

    Microsoft today disclosed retail prices for Office 2010, and said it has no plans to offer "upgrade" editions -- the discounted versions for users who already have an earlier edition on their PCs. The move will effectively raise the price for many users who want to migrate from older editions of the popular suite.

    Written by Gregg Keizer06 Jan. 10 06:36
  • Microsoft unveils Office 2010 public beta

    As expected, Microsoft today launched its first public beta of Office 2010, posting the preview for download on its Web site.

    Written by Gregg Keizer19 Nov. 09 06:56