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  • G Suite vs. Office 365 cloud collaboration battle heats up

    Microsoft's Office 365 has a big lead, but Google is quickly repositioning G Suite for business and winning some big customers. Who will come out on top in this rapidly evolving market?

    Written by Matt Kapko30 March 17 03:50
  • Microsoft supports creative work with tech-enabled spaces

    Microsoft has partnered with commercial architecture and design specialist Steelcase to help organizations better integrate technology and workspaces to transform company culture and better support creative work.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud08 March 17 04:57
  • 10 most popular hybrid tablet stories of 2016

    Every year technology gets more sophisticated and that couldn't be more true for hybrid tablets in 2016. These multipurpose devices range in form factor, performance and price. Here are the 10 most-read tablet articles from 2016.

    Written by Sarah K. White29 Dec. 16 22:00
  • Microsoft and LinkedIn aim for ‘logical’ integrations

    Microsoft and LinkedIn are now officially one company with a common vision for the future of work and social collaboration. Analysts say early integration plans reveal priorities across both platforms.

    Written by Matt Kapko10 Dec. 16 01:35
  • Microsoft embraces open source in the cloud and on-premises

    Microsoft is positioning itself as the software vendor of choice for enterprises that maintain hybrid cloud environments, and it's opening its arms to Linux and open source software to do it.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud22 Nov. 16 07:28
  • Best Black Friday 2016 Windows deals

    Microsoft, Best Buy, Staples and other retailers roll out the Windows laptop and tablet offers for Black Friday 2016

    Written by Bob Brown20 Nov. 16 10:14
  • Why Microsoft is going all-in on AI

    Microsoft has positioned artificial intelligence as being as important as Windows, Office and Cloud. Here's why.

    Written by Paul Rubens10 Nov. 16 02:14
  • Why Slack should worry about Facebook, Microsoft and Google

    The market for enterprise messaging and collaboration apps is bigger and more crowded than ever before. Experts tell CIO.com why the market is bustling now, where it’s heading and why Slack now faces stiff competition.

    Written by Matt Kapko10 Nov. 16 00:00
  • The future of Drupal could be cooking in this lab

    Acquia Labs has no illusions of making self-driving cars or shooting things into space like Google X, but the budding applied research arm of enterprise open-source Drupal provider Acquia does have designs on a slew of new applications for what it anticipates will be an increasingly browserless world.

    Written by Bob Brown04 Nov. 16 02:26
  • Microsoft Teams targets Slack in crowded collaboration market

    Microsoft took its time developing the Teams collaboration app for enterprise, but the service's success will likely have less to do with timing and everything to do with its 85 million Office 365 customers.

    Written by Matt Kapko03 Nov. 16 23:53