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  • Five lessons from Microsoft on cloud security

    While Google, Amazon and Salesforce have gotten the most attention as cloud service providers, Microsoft-with its 300 products and services delivered from its data centers-has a large cloud bank all its own.

    Written by Robert Lemos26 Aug. 09 05:00
  • Microsoft, Yahoo deal: why you stand to lose

    After a year and a half of negotiating, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a search deal partnership this morning that will make Redmond's new search engine, Bing, Yahoo's search platform and put Yahoo's sales force in charge of handling both companies' search advertisers.

    Written by Shane O'Neill30 July 09 02:28
  • Microsoft's revenue: Redmond can't outrun the recession

    In the financial quarter that just ended, arguably one of its most important quarters ever, Microsoft had a chance to bounce back after an unprecedented year-over-year revenue drop last quarter.

    Written by Shane O'Neill25 July 09 04:36
  • Alleged Windows 7 update process spawns criticism

    Outrage spread like wildfire across the Internet this week with criticism of Microsoft's alleged new upgrade process for Windows 7. People were concerned if they wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 they would be required to activate the current version of Windows they were using prior to upgrading.

    Written by David Murphy18 July 09 00:09
  • Chrome OS may fail even as it changes computing forever

    Google says it is working on an operating system designed for netbooks that boots in seconds, is impervious to viruses, and is designed to run Web-based applications really well. What's not to like? Plenty--if you're the number one software maker, Microsoft. Expect a showdown. Google faces an uphill battle rolling out its operating system, Chrome OS. The irony is, Google may not care if Chrome OS succeeds or fails. Here's why.

    Written by Tom Spring18 July 09 07:39
  • Microsoft announces date for mobile app submissions

    Microsoft today <a href="http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windowsphone/default.aspx">announced</a> that its upcoming mobile software store, dubbed Windows Marketplace for Mobile, will being accepting submissions for mobile applications on July 27, with a target launch of fall 2009 for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. Sample View of Windows Marketplace Business Center (Subject to Change)

    Written by Al Sacco15 July 09 00:51
  • Microsoft's Mundie describes computing shift

    In the future, computers will do more work automatically for people, rather than reacting to human input, Microsoft's head of research and strategy said on Monday.

    Written by Nancy Gohring14 July 09 06:15
  • Office 2010: Most Innovations are Online

    It has taken Microsoft a long time to bring its flagship Office suite to the Web and now it finally has with Office 2010. The software suite comes packed with meaningful improvements such as new cut-and-paste features for Word and new ways to broadcast your PowerPoint presentations online. But the most striking addition to Office 2010 is the introduction of Office Web Apps. These are light-weight versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote that are all accessible via desktop, mobile devices, and Web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

    Written by Tom Spring and Edward N. Albro13 July 09 23:30
  • Is Your Office Wary of Windows 7?

    Windows 7 pre-orders may be burning up the charts, but many users are apparently still reluctant to switch over to Microsoft's newest operating system. This is particularly true for businesses that are a little upgrade-wary after investing in Vista, while others are reluctant to give up on Redmond's classic XP system. Compounding the temptation not to switch was news earlier this year that Microsoft wasn't making life easy for XPers migrating to the new OS.

    Written by Ian Paul14 July 09 02:12
  • Microsoft, Google make sure IT has no dull moments

    Microsoft is launching Windows 7, Google has fired back with Chrome OS, and today Microsoft is turning up the volume on Office 2010. That's a lot to juggle, and soon you'll be asking yourself: Can I afford to upgrade or can I afford not to upgrade?

    Written by Todd R. Weiss14 July 09 02:17
  • Microsoft Office vs.Google Docs: A Web Apps Showdown

    The future may be the cloud, but it also may be Microsoft that ushers us into that realm of possibility and imagination. Today, Redmond unveiled as a part of Office 2010 a suite of Microsoft Office Web apps that will compete directly with Google Docs. While Microsoft isn't letting anyone play around with the apps just yet, on paper, Microsoft's Web apps look like they could blow Google's online services out of the water -- beta or no beta.

    Written by Ian Paul14 July 09 04:11