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  • Microsoft's mobile trouble: can it buy its way out?

    Microsoft recently announced that Oct. 22 is the ship date for its coveted Windows 7 OS. But last week as the tech world buzzed loudly about the unveiling of Apple's new iPhone 3G S and Palm Pre smartphone, it was easy to forget about the next version of Windows.

    Written by Shane O'Neill18 June 09 05:11
  • How Microsoft Influenced Adobe Security In a Good Way

    When I first started writing about information security five years ago, all a writer had to do was mention Microsoft in the same headline space as "security vulnerability" to strike page-view gold. In 2004 Microsoft was a couple years into its Trustworthy Computing Initiative but it remained the software company IT security practitioners hated with glee.

    Written by Bill Brenner10 June 09 23:16
  • EC to pursue antitrust case despite Microsoft's IE decision

    The European Commission will proceed with its antitrust case against Microsoft regardless of the announcement late Thursday that the software giant is stripping its browser, Internet Explorer (IE), from the next incarnation of its operating system, Windows 7, in Europe.

    Written by Paul Meller12 June 09 16:33
  • Microsoft trying to set own antitrust remedy, says Opera CEO

    Microsoft's plan to strip out its Internet Explorer (IE) browser from Windows 7 in Europe, due for sale in the fall, is designed to force the European Commission's hand as it devises an antitrust remedy to restore fair competition in the browser market, said Jon von Tetzchner, the CEO of Norwegian browser maker Opera.

    Written by Paul Meller12 June 09 19:24
  • EC: Is Microsoft pressuring witnesses in antitrust case?

    The European Commission is asking PC makers and software rivals if Microsoft has been pressuring them in connection with the ongoing antitrust case concerning Web browsers, one such company said Tuesday.

    Written by Paul Meller10 June 09 02:04
  • Bing's early lead over Yahoo not end of race

    Microsoft's Bing overtook Yahoo Search in only its fourth day of public release according to Web analytics company StatCounter, but it's too soon to tell how well the new search engine will fare in the long run.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano06 June 09 02:44
  • Forrester: MS Office Still Sitting Pretty in the Enterprise

    New research from Forrester shows that while the poor economy has delayed some upgrades to Microsoft 2007, most enterprises are sticking with some version of Microsoft's productivity suite over alternatives such as Google Apps.

    Written by Shane O'Neill05 June 09 07:06
  • Microsoft Bing: 5 features that give it a shot against Google

    Microsoft made Bing, its new "decision engine", <a href="http://www.bing.com">publicly available</a> yesterday with a background image of hot air balloons lifting off in the countryside on the Bing homepage.

    Written by Shane O'Neill03 June 09 09:00
  • Windows 7: Why I'm in No Rush to Adopt

    Tight budgets, lingering bad Vista vibes, and fear of a learning curve for users are adding up to IT departments in no hurry to roll out Windows 7. Sound familiar? Microsoft can't seem to shake its past mistakes with enterprise IT.

    Written by Shane O'Neill27 May 09 06:39
  • Microsoft cancels antitrust hearing in Europe

    Microsoft has cancelled plans to hold a face-to-face hearing with European antitrust authorities and rivals scheduled for the first week of June, claiming it wouldn't get a fair audience because senior E.U. officials will be absent.

    Written by Paul Meller22 May 09 22:10
  • Kumo expected, Adobe patches with Microsoft

    The mystery surrounding why fraudsters shelled out big bucks for old Nokia phones was solved this week. The answer, of course, involves illegal activities. Another puzzle possibly close to being solved involves Microsoft's new search engine, which supposedly debuts next week. In security news, Adobe Systems took a patch practice from Microsoft and Conficker isn't dead yet.

    Written by Fred O'Connor23 May 09 05:41
  • Ex-Microsofter: Free Software Will Kill Redmond

    Bill Gates probably will not sing the praises of Keith Curtis, a programmer with Microsoft for 11 years who's now left the fold and written a book about why the Redmond way will fail. Oh yeah, Curtis is not afraid to speak his mind as a Linux guru, either.

    Written by Shane O'Neill22 May 09 02:58
  • Microsoft opens My Phone beta, plans new features

    Microsoft on Tuesday will open the beta for its My Phone Windows Mobile backup service to anyone who wants to try it out. The company has also disclosed some forthcoming features for the service, including ways to wipe data remotely and find lost phones using GPS.

    Written by Nancy Gohring19 May 09 21:52