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  • Microsoft buys software to bolster its core ERP product

    Microsoft is buying technology from four of its partners in order to bolster its Dynamics AX ERP (enterprise resource planning) product with commonly needed functions across various industries, according to a senior company executive.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk23 Sept. 09 06:01
  • Microsoft, Yahoo in informal talks with EU over search deal

    Microsoft and Yahoo are discussing their planned search collaboration with European regulators to establish whether the deal needs to be subjected to a formal merger probe, Microsoft said Thursday.

    Written by Paul Meller18 Sept. 09 01:53
  • Microsoft sues scareware scammers

    Microsoft filed lawsuits against five companies Thursday, accusing them of using malicious advertisements to trick victims into installing software on their computers.

    Written by Robert McMillan18 Sept. 09 05:33
  • Microsoft pulls covers off Project 2010

    Calling it the "most significant" upgrade in a decade, Microsoft today revealed details for its project management application, Project 2010.

    Written by Eric Lai17 Sept. 09 03:21
  • Microsoft rallies businesses to start Win 7 migrations now

    In a last promotional run-up to the Windows 7 release next month, Microsoft is urging business customers to start their upgrades now with examples of customers already using the software, and another acknowledgement that the company learned lessons from how it handled Vista's release three years ago.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano15 Sept. 09 05:17
  • Microsoft, Yahoo search deal faces DOJ review

    A Microsoft and Yahoo search deal, announced in July, will face an in-depth antitrust review from the U.S. Department of Justice, Microsoft has confirmed.

    Written by Grant Gross14 Sept. 09 07:06
  • Microsoft forms, funds new open-source foundation

    Microsoft has cofounded and is providing the funding for a new foundation aimed at bringing open-source and proprietary software companies together to participate side by side in open-source projects.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano11 Sept. 09 05:26
  • Microsoft: Patching Windows 2000 'infeasible'

    Microsoft took the unusual step today and skipped patching one of the vulnerabilities addressed in its monthly security update, saying that crafting a fix was "infeasible."

    Written by Gregg Keizer09 Sept. 09 07:31
  • Five Windows 7 features to make IT managers jobs easier

    Speaking from Microsoft's Tech Ed event on the Gold Coast, Windows 7 commercial group lead and the woman responsible for the launch of Windows 7 in Australia, Sarah Vaughan, outlines the top five features of Windows 7 to make the lives of IT managers a little easier.

    Written by Kathryn Edwards10 Sept. 09 11:13