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  • Malicious URLs now rampant: study

    Malicious URLs are now rampant problem according to a study which found they are contained in an average of one in every 61 emails.

    Written by Byron Connolly06 March 19 11:46
  • ​Top strategies for CIOs in the cybersecurity war

    The IT security landscape has dramatically evolved over in recent years. There’s been a significant increase in the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks against businesses.

    Written by CIO Staff02 Dec. 16 11:39
  • Spotting a fake CEO: 4 ways to evade a whaling attack

    ​The global rise of whaling attacks hasn't failed to affect Australian companies, with losses from local attacks ranging from $5000 to $400,000, according to cases revealed to email security firm, Mimecast.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner02 May 16 14:43
  • In pictures: CIO Summit breakfast

    ​Tech leaders detailed their security strategies at a roundtable luncheon at this month's CIO Summit in Melbourne.​ They discussed the measures they are using to minimise the risk of cyber threats with a particular focus on the weakest link in any security strategy – email. The luncheon was sponsored by Mimecast.​

    Written by Byron Connolly25 Nov. 15 10:04

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