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  • MIT proves flash is as fast as RAM, and cheaper, for big data

    When it comes to high-speed data processing, RAM has always been the go-to memory for computers because it's tens of thousands of times faster than disk drives and many times faster than NAND flash.

    Written by Lucas Mearian14 July 15 07:21
  • MIT alums celebrate 10th anniversary of bogus CompSci paper generator with cheeky new tool

    Three MIT grads this week are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their clever <a href="http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen/">SCIgen</a> program, which randomly generates computer science papers realistic enough to get accepted by sketchy technical conferences and publishers, with a brand new tool designed to poke even more fun at such outfits.

    Written by Bob Brown15 April 15 01:34
  • MIT names U.S. CTO Megan Smith as 2015 commencement speaker

    The <a href="http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2014/us-cto-megan-smith-commencement-speaker-1209">Massachusetts Institute of Technology</a> is getting a seriously early jump on its 2015 commencement exercises, naming U.S. CTO and MIT alum Megan Smith as its speaker for the June 5 event.

    Written by Bob Brown10 Dec. 14 08:53
  • Ford enlists MIT, Stanford to drive automated cars

    Ford is enlisting top U.S. universities to make self-driving cars a reality, announcing Wednesday that it hopes researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can come up with advanced algorithms to help vehicles learn where pedestrians and other automobiles will be located.

    Written by Nick Barber22 Jan. 14 21:46
  • Researchers use nanotech to battle cancer

    Two universities this week announced that researchers in the schools have made advances in fighting cancer by using nanotechnology.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin22 Oct. 13 15:55
  • Meet Baxter, the huggable industrial robot

    MIT kicked off this year's EmTech conference Wednesday with a presentation in which Rodney Brooks, the founder, chairman and CTO of Rethink Robotics, welcomed attendees to an interactive hug from its safe manufacturing robot called Baxter.

    Written by Colin Neagle24 Oct. 12 19:55
  • MIT creates picture-driven programming for the masses

    Computer users with rudimentary skills will be able to program via screen shots rather than lines of code with a new graphical scripting language called Sikuli that was devised at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Written by Tim Greene22 Jan. 10 08:09