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  • Seagate shows world's thinnest portable drive

    Storage giant Seagate has announced that it will put on sale what it claims is the world slimmest ever portable hard drive, and for once the hyperbole stands up to scrutiny - the new GoFlex Slim drive is only 9mm thick.

    Written by John E Dunn06 April 11 04:35
  • UK BlackBerry users get Protect security app

    The BlackBerry Protect remote security app previewed to users last year has become available for UK consumer users for the first time in a beta version, the company has announced.

    Written by John E Dunn26 March 11 01:07
  • LogMeIn shows Android remote control app

    LogMeIn has added Android support to the latest version of its Rescue remote control software, the latest sign that developers are trying hard to make the platform a more rounded prospect for the business sector.

    Written by John E Dunn18 Feb. 11 05:15
  • iPhone app shows data centre DDoS alerts

    Customers of data centre provider ControlCircle are being offered a free smartphone app that can alert them to serious issues such as ongoing DDoS attacks in real time.

    Written by John E Dunn09 Feb. 11 02:34
  • Google Nexus S gives Apple huge headache

    Google has dived back into hardware, formally announcing its second smartphone, the Nexus S for US and UK consumers.

    Written by John E Dunn08 Dec. 10 01:37
  • Broadcom buys home networking company

    Broadcom is set to acquire home networking company Gigle Networks, a privately-held company that develops system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for home networking over power lines. The acquisition will also help drive Broadcom's adoption of G.hn, a new ITU draft specification for existing-wire home networking.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter25 Nov. 10 02:48
  • Users defy security guidelines on smartphones

    One in five employees is putting their company's network atrisk by using non-standard smartphones in breach of their organisation's security policy.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter18 Nov. 10 02:42
  • UK lags world in new broadband league table

    The UK is falling slowly but surely down the global league table for broadband, and is particularly weak in improving upload performance, a new Cisco-backed survey has found.

    Written by John E Dunn20 Oct. 10 00:44
  • Global survey predicts 'death of the office'

    The office workplace that has dominated business since the 19th Century is dying and most employees would be quite happy not to work in it, a global study by networking giant Cisco has found.

    Written by John E Dunn20 Oct. 10 03:38
  • BlackBerry backup encryption broken by Russians

    A Russian company that specialises in cracking tools claims it has broken the password protection used to secure data backups from BlackBerry smartphones.

    Written by John E Dunn04 Oct. 10 22:22
  • Skype files for $100 million IPO

    Would-be Internet telephony giant Skype has filed the paperwork for an initial public offering (IPO) on Nasdaq, the company has announced.

    Written by John E Dunn11 Aug. 10 00:06