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  • Telstra slapped with warning over excess usage notifications

    Telstra has been issued a formal warning by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for failing to send data usage email notifications to more than 150,000 mobile broadband customers, leading to people having to pay unexpected excess usage charges.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien27 Nov. 19 09:41
  • 57% of world’s population can't access the Internet

    Around 4.2 billion people or 57 per cent of the world's population do not have adequate access to the Internet, with the majority living in developing countries, a new report revealed.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett22 Sept. 15 15:16
  • RadComms: Tech advances to be fueled by spectrum

    Access to high-bandwidth wireless broadband is critical for supporting drones, national defence and autonomous mining equipment, according to presenters from industry and government at the RadComms conference in Sydney today.

    Written by Adam Bender10 Sept. 14 15:34
  • 5 Technology Initiatives and Reforms IT Wants in Washington

    Leaders from Microsoft, Cisco and other tech players are pressing their agenda as they meet with the White House and Congress this week. Some initiatives have been years in the making -- and will take many more years to see through -- but other reforms may not be far off.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin04 April 14 01:31
  • Mobile broadband boosts economy by $33.8B

    The availability of mobile broadband services led to a $33.8 billion increase in economic activity in Australia last year, contributing 2.28 per cent to our total gross domestic product (GDP).

    Written by Byron Connolly03 April 14 12:00
  • Free Public Wi-Fi to Get Faster to Meet Mobile Demands

    In response to the soaring use of smartphones, tablets and other data-hungry wireless devices in public mobile broadband hotspots such as airports and convention centers, government regulators have voted in favor of a proposal to increase the capacity of free public Wi-Fi.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin21 Feb. 13 14:20
  • Government Tech Policy Highs and Lows of 2012

    From cybersecurity to intellectual property battles, mobile broadband to privacy and federal IT, it was a noisy year for technology in the nation's capital. But after all the debates, committee reports and lobbying, what actually changed?

    Written by Kenneth Corbin21 Dec. 12 16:14
  • FCC Addresses Mobile Broadband Concerns

    House subcommittee members question FCC commissioners about the planned 2014 wireless spectrum auction to advance mobile broadband. The panel voiced concern over using too much spectrum for unlicensed uses versus licensed uses.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin13 Dec. 12 15:15
  • ACMA issues second paper on 803-960 MHz band

    Seeking to maximise the value of 800 MHz spectrum for mobile broadband, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today released a second discussion paper about how to replan the 803-960 MHz band.

    Written by Adam Bender04 Dec. 12 16:47
  • 4G wireless speed tests: Which is really the fastest?

    By now you've seen all the ads pitching wireless companies' new 4G mobile broadband services and devices. But beyond all the buzzwords and hype, which companies can reliably provide next-generation speed?

    Written by Mark Sullivan15 March 11 01:08
  • FlexiGroup 1H profit grows 31%

    FlexiGroup (ASX:FXL), the company behind the BLiNK brand of mobile broadband services, said its 1H profit jumped 31% partly due to strong volumes at this unit

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling10 Feb. 11 18:27
  • Notify Technology unveils on-demand mobile device management

    Notify Technology announced details of its NotifyMDM On-Demand mobile device management solution. NotifyMDM is designed to help IT admins manage the diverse array of mobile devices -- providing broad, cross-platform tools for managing and protecting mobile devices.

    Written by Tony Bradley16 Dec. 10 04:18