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News about Modis
  • Workers intrigued by wearables for the office

    Employees are eager to incorporate wearable devices into their work routines but aren't convinced the technology will make their jobs easier and want employers to cover the costs, according to a survey from IT staffing firm Modis.

    Written by Fred O'Connor10 Jan. 15 08:27
  • For big raises in IT, look to mobile, security, big data

    IT salaries will remain mostly stagnant in 2015, except for workers with highly coveted skill sets, according to a report tracking IT salaries and skills demand in the coming years.

    Written by Fred O'Connor27 Oct. 14 15:03
  • How the CIO Role Is Changing As Business Needs Evolve

    A recent survey from IT staffing firm Modis reaffirms what we all know: The role of CIOs, and the IT department they direct, is changing. Not only do the vast majority of companies view their CIOs as critical members of company structure, they also expect that role to grow in the future.

    Written by Jen A. Miller07 Oct. 14 00:39
  • 10 hottest IT jobs: Developers, developers, developers

    It's a job seeker's market, if you've got the right tech skills. IT staffing specialist Modis identifies the 10 hottest IT jobs, based on the skills and roles its clients are eager to find and fill.

    Written by Ann Bednarz16 Aug. 13 12:39
Tutorials about Modis
  • How to Prepare for Tough Interview Questions

    We spoke with industry experts to get the advice that will help you craft better answers to what are some of the most common, and difficult, interview questions.

    Written by Rich Hein08 May 14 23:54
Features about Modis
  • Recruiting challenges spur higher salaries, better perks

    Skilled job seekers are in an enviable position in the simmering tech industry, as hiring managers compete for talent, boost job offers, and improve on-the-job perks to keep existing employees from looking elsewhere.

    Written by Ann Bednarz06 Jan. 15 00:40
  • How to Build a Software Developer Talent Pipeline

    Hiring developers is a lot like sales: You must build and engage a pipeline of qualified candidates to accelerate time-to-hire. Some hiring companies are using voluntary coding challenges to do just that.

    Written by Sharon Florentine09 May 14 23:46
  • IT pros get training on their own dime

    Linda Bubbers got a tip early in her career: Become a Certified Netware Administrator and earn a transfer to a better team.

    Written by Mary K. Pratt16 Dec. 13 22:46
  • Worst -- and best -- IT interview questions

    Why are manhole covers round? Why do you ask? Tech managers weigh in on the practice of using brainteasers to screen IT candidates and share their own favorite interview questions.

    Written by Stephanie Wilkinson09 July 13 10:33