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  • Independent contractors fairing well despite GFC: report

    Despite the severity of the current financial crisis, only one in four Australian contractors, have been required to take a pay cut to stay in employment, a new report has found.

    Written by Tim Lohman01 Sept. 09 15:51
  • IBM, Monash extend IT education partnership

    IBM and Monash University have partnered on a new $1.2 million Future Leaders Scholarship program aimed at developing IT leaders versed in both technology and business.

    Written by Tim Lohman28 Aug. 09 11:11
  • Monash eyes video conferencing for collaboration boost

    Monash University is upping its use of next generation, high definition video conferencing in an effort to foster greater collaboration between students, lecturers and researchers.

    Written by Tim Lohman27 May 09 13:28