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  • Motorola X4: Four times the Bluetooth audio

    Lenovo's new Motorola X4 smartphone is half the price of Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8, but does at least one thing twice as well: stream audio to multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

    Written by Peter Sayer01 Sept. 17 07:53
  • Victoria Police go mobile to boost officer safety

    ​Victoria Police is arming frontline officers with Motorola’s managed services mobility solution in a bid to boost workplace safety, efficiency and collaboration.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 April 17 15:57
  • 4 IT companies allowed to use commercial drones

    The Federal Aviation Administration has granted approval for more than 5,000 so-called Section 333 exemptions to operate commercial drones over the past year, and among those getting the go ahead are familiar names in the enterprise IT and networking market.

    Written by Bob Brown04 May 16 21:00
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