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  • Sony cranks up optical disc storage to 3.3TB

    Optical discs like Blu-ray are losing favor, but Sony and Panasonic don't seem to care. The companies have cranked up the storage capacity on optical media to a stunning 3.3TB.

    Written by Agam Shah19 April 16 04:42
  • Remembering comedian/actor Robin Williams: His Siri schtick

    The sad news of comedian/actor Robin Williams' death on Monday at the age of 63 flooded social media and news sites online. While Williams is recalled mainly for has manic comedy routines, and funny and dramatic acting roles, some of his more recent appearances were dotted with technology-infused humor.

    Written by Bob Brown13 Aug. 14 00:11
  • Hoyts signs with Remasys to monitor digital cinemas

    Cinema and entertainment company, Hoyts, continues its project to convert its cinemas to digital projection, signing Australian software services company, Remasys, to to monitor its digital cinema systems, corporate offices and trading websites.

    Written by Georgina Swan22 March 11 12:47
  • Why 3D will fail in 2010

    James Cameron's hotly anticipated 3D movie, "Avatar," hits theaters across the U.S. today. Besides stunning computer generated imagery and a predictable-but-appealing storyline, the movie will become well known for high-quality 3D.

    Written by Mike Elgan22 Dec. 09 02:32
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  • In pictures: Blast from the Past 7 - 30 years of Star Wars technology

    Past and present: how 30 years of Star Wars imagination changed technology forever. During 2008 Sydney's Powerhouse Museum played host to one of the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia combined with real-life examples of how such technology is being applied for business and social advancement.

    Written by Rodney Gedda17 Dec. 08 15:05