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  • Computex focus shifts from PCs to wearables, IoT

    The next big wearable hit could emerge at the Computex trade show in Taipei next week, and any attempt to steal the device off the show floor could be thwarted by Internet of Things security devices expected to be on display.

    Written by Agam Shah29 May 15 14:01
  • Are your calls being intercepted? 17 fake cell towers discovered in one month

    You wouldn't likely know if you are under cell phone surveillance, but you would if you were about to make a call and your phone displayed an unencrypted connection warning that states, "Caution: The mobile network's standard encryption has been turned off, possibly by a rogue base station (IMSI Catcher'). Unencrypted calls not recommended."

    Written by Darlene Storm03 Sept. 14 02:25
  • MSI shows new thin-and-light laptops and tablets

    MSI is showing off new X-Slim laptops at Computex that are less than an inch thick, contain the latest Intel and AMD processors, and offer over eight hours of battery life. It is also showing new tablets running Windows or Android at the Taipei trade show, it announced this week.

    Written by Agam Shah31 May 11 19:02
  • UltraPay (ASX:ULT) creditor finds hidden assets

    Technology holding company Ultrapay (ASX:ULT) has disclosed that its creditor, MSI, has through forensic accounting discovered assets never disclosed by former UltraPay CEO James Scobie

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling31 Aug. 10 17:29
  • Has Microsoft Blown the Timing on Tablet PCs?

    When CEO Steve Ballmer gave a quick peek at an HP Slate running Windows 7 at CES in January, Microsoft seemed prepared for battle against the iPad, which, at the time, had not even been announced yet.

    Written by Shane O'Neill27 Aug. 10 03:17
  • Microsoft edging Google out of iPad-like devices

    Taiwanese laptop-maker Micro-Star International (MSI) plans to launch a Windows 7 tablet PC next week at the Computex Taipei electronics show, after showing off a prototype tablet running Google's Android mobile software early this year.

    Written by Dan Nystedt24 May 10 20:35
  • MSI to show 3D laptop and dual e-reader, netbook at CES

    Micro-Star International (MSI) plans to show off a netbook with dual 10-inch touchscreen displays, one meant for computing and the other for reading e-books, at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas.

    Written by Dan Nystedt06 Jan. 10 01:46