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  • NSW Government iCare claim platform cost $360M

    A bespoke platform to power the NSW Government's recently-merged insurance provider has cost $360 million dollars, a recent committee revealed.

    Written by Eleanor Dickinson16 Sept. 19 06:50
  • Checking in with the chatbots

    The rise and rise of chatbots in Australia has been impressive. But are they any good?

    Written by George Nott09 July 18 12:07
  • API push paying off for Australian businesses

    The adoption of APIs in Australia continues at pace with half of businesses having an API strategy already in place, according to a survey. Another third (32 per cent) will implement one this year.

    Written by George Nott28 March 17 12:08
  • Ricoh Australia inks deal with MuleSoft for quicker connections

    Ricoh Australia has implemented MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform in a bid to support its services-led, customer-first strategy, a move the company said will increase operational efficiency and accelerate innovation.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 March 17 14:32
  • Salesforce Lightning Connect marries old apps to new

    Salesforce has a solid lock on the SMB space, and more forward-looking large organizations have moved to its cloud CRM, marketing and sales solutions, <a href="">apparently to great success</a>. But for every Virgin America or Burberry, there are many, many more older companies out there with siloed-off, older systems; they couldn't get their data into the Salesforce cloud even if they wanted to. 

    Written by Matt Weinberger14 Nov. 14 00:16
  • MuleSoft catches the API fever, buys ProgrammableWeb

    Following in the footsteps of Intel and CA Technologies, open source middleware provider MuleSoft has acquired a vendor of API (Application Programming Interface) services and technologies, ProgrammableWeb.

    Written by Joab Jackson23 April 13 20:52