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  • ​Qantas tapping data to improve flight efficiency

    Data scientists, engineers and software designers from Qantas and GE will analyse some of the 10 billion data points produced by the aviation sector annually to help the carrier cut fuel costs and carbon emissions.

    Written by Byron Connolly07 Oct. 16 08:48
  • Google takes Maps indoors, but challenges remain

    Low adoption and insufficient research has slowed the movement of Google Maps indoors, a Google software engineer said today at the Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation conference held at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

    Written by Adam Bender13 Nov. 12 12:19
  • TomTom caught selling speed data to Dutch Police

    As if this week didn't have enough privacy snafus already, GPS maker TomTom now admits that it helped Dutch police set speed traps by selling anonymous user data.

    Written by Jared Newman29 April 11 02:20
  • Japanese engineers build GPS into glasses

    Personal navigation systems are about to get a lot more personal. Japanese engineers have created a prototype device that places GPS navigation technology into a pair of wearable, seemingly everyday, glasses.

    Written by Chris Brandrick06 Aug. 10 08:22
  • Nokia to offer navigation tools for free

    A new version of Nokia's mapping service Ovi Maps will include turn-by-turn voice guidance for walking and driving navigation for free, Nokia said on Thursday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs22 Jan. 10 07:22