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  • SanDisk ULLtraDIMM SSD sales ban upheld, but drives in stock can be sold

    A preliminary sales ban on certain controller chips that SanDisk uses in its high-speed, solid-state ULLtraDIMM drives has been upheld by a U.S. appeals court. The court also ruled, however, that the company can sell existing products in stock that use the chips.

    Written by Loek Essers12 Feb. 15 05:07
  • Temporary sales ban hits SanDisk's SSD server business

    If you're looking to buy solid state drives (SSDs) from SanDisk to speed up your servers, you might be out of luck. A California court has issued a preliminary sales ban for controller chips that SanDisk uses in its high-speed SSDs.

    Written by Loek Essers14 Jan. 15 03:31