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  • Being a CIO focused on customer experience

    While many CIOs are grappling with the need to move beyond IT operations and contribute more to improving customer service, it’s a concept that VMware’s global CIO, Tony Scott, understands very well.

    Written by Byron Connolly23 Jan. 15 15:53
  • What CIOs need to know about software defined networking

    Software defined networking applies the abstraction concepts of hardware virtualisation to networking infrastructure. This works well for cloud implementations, which need significant configuration and planning. But SDN and network virtualisation may still be too immature for prime time.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell23 July 13 13:40
  • Making sense of the myriad SDN offerings

    With the range of software-defined networking (SDN) announcements coming from vendors large and small it is hard to figure out which SDN approach is best for what.

    Written by Jason Matlof, Big Switch Networks vice president of marketing05 April 13 19:11
  • The return of the network operating system (NOS)

    Will there be a market for SDN network operating systems? The answer will be critical to the evolution of SDN standards and the development of applications that leverage SDN capabilities.

    Written by Lee Doyle14 Jan. 13 23:24
  • Backed by $48M, startup Plexxi unveils SDN wares

    SDN startup Plexxi this week unveiled its products, which attempt to re-engineer data center networks for new applications and cloud traffic patterns.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 Dec. 12 14:58
  • Cisco, VMware and OpenFlow fragment SDNs

    Juniper Networks Executive Vice President Bob Muglia spelled it out succinctly: the nascent software-defined networking market is morphing into three camps - OpenFlow/open source, Cisco and VMware.

    Written by Jim Duffy03 Dec. 12 13:14
  • OpenFlow startup takes aim at Cisco, VMware

    Big Switch Networks has announced the general availability of its OpenFlow-based software-defined networking products and applications, as well as customers and partners.

    Written by Jim Duffy13 Nov. 12 05:59