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  • Open source router project administers Lithium

    The CloudRouter Project, a months-old effort to open source cloud routing, is announcing first shipment of OpenDaylight's new "Lithium" SDN controller.

    Written by Jim Duffy15 July 15 23:20
  • United routes root of outage to router

    <a href="">United Airlines blamed a router problem</a> for disrupting service and halting flights for over an hour today. 

    Written by Jim Duffy09 July 15 06:26
  • Chipmakers giving home networks a gigabit boost

    Chipsets that power equipment capable of smoothly moving 4K video streams inside homes over wireless and wired networks were on display at the Computex trade show.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs04 June 15 02:41
  • Brocade switch extends SDN, campus automation

    Brocade this week unveiled a campus switch and other enhancements to better support video and wireless traffic, improve management and extend <a href="">software defined networking</a>.

    Written by Jim Duffy09 April 15 23:03
  • Does Juniper have too many SDNs?

    After last week's Innovation Day announcements, Juniper Networks has a range of SDN, data center fabric and data center switching products to choose from.

    Written by Jim Duffy19 March 15 00:14
  • Microsoft and Cisco offer a Cloud-in-a-box

    Cisco and Microsoft have jointly created a software and hardware package designed to help cloud providers spin up new services more quickly.

    Written by Joab Jackson12 March 15 04:11
  • HP latest to unbundle switch hardware, software

    HP has joined the disaggregation party through two partnerships that will produce a branded white box switch capable of running multiple network operating systems.

    Written by Jim Duffy20 Feb. 15 03:30
  • Cisco building switch ports to feed faster Wi-Fi

    Cisco Systems is forging ahead with LAN switches designed to support faster Wi-Fi access points even while an Ethernet standard for the technology they use is still taking shape.

    Written by Stephen Lawson21 Jan. 15 00:01
  • Exploit allows Asus routers to be hacked from local network

    A vulnerability in Asuswrt, the firmware running on many wireless router models from Asustek Computer, allows attackers to completely compromise the affected devices. Malicious hackers, however, need to launch their attacks from within the local networks served by the vulnerable routers.

    Written by Lucian Constantin10 Jan. 15 02:56
  • Alcatel-Lucent virtualises WANs and routers

    Alcatel-Lucent's Nuage Networks SDN venture has broadened its product line to tackle enterprise WANs, an increasingly vital market for the technology.

    Written by Jim Duffy13 Nov. 14 01:38
  • Brocade beefs up campus with SDN, new stackable

    Brocade this week rolled out new and enhanced campus switches designed to better support mobility, social networking and cloud data traffic in the enterprise.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 Nov. 14 00:44