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  • How dead is Nortel?

    Analysts are mixed on whether Nortel, the disintegrating telecom titan, will survive in some form or die off, becoming a distant memory of a bygone era and century.

    Written by Jim Duffy22 Jan. 10 03:57
  • Avaya launches post-Nortel roadmap

    Avaya’s post-Nortel acquisition product roadmap should provide clarity to Australian customers of both companies according to ANZ managing director, Rob Wells.

    Written by Tim Lohman21 Jan. 10 11:43
  • Avaya lays out Nortel migration road map

    Avaya tomorrow will reveal a road map that shows how its customers – in particular its newly minted Nortel customers - can move to unified communications technologies without ripping out existing gear.

    Written by Tim Greene19 Jan. 10 00:32
Features about nortel
  • Nortel sets up network operations center in India

    Nortel Networks has set up a Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) in Bangalore, to help remotely manage and support the networks of its carrier and enterprise customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

    Written by John Ribeiro15 May 09 09:46