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  • Oculus acquires image recognition startup Surreal Vision

    Virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR has acquired Surreal Vision, a company developing image recognition technology that can recreate scenes from real life inside simulated 3D environments.

    Written by Zach Miners27 May 15 08:57
  • At Facebook, a sharpening focus on virtual reality

    In 10 years, there may be no need to check Facebook's site to see what that friend overseas is up to. You might just pick up a pair of goggles, reach out and hold her hand at her birthday party.

    Written by Zach Miners27 March 15 13:02
  • Oculus founder welcomes Sony to VR gaming

    Sony took a tentative step into virtual-reality gaming on Tuesday with the introduction of its Project Morpheus headset for the PlayStation 4, and among those welcoming the move is someone you might not expect: the founder of startup Oculus, a small California-based company that is probably the biggest current name in VR headsets.

    Written by Martyn Williams19 March 14 21:51